Travel insurance top tips: From reporting stolen items to informing your insurer about illness


This will cover you when cancelling a trip due to a pre-existing illness or condition suffered by you or a member of your family, which you didn’t tell the insurer about when you bought the policy. Before cancelling you should check with your insurer to see what cover you have.

Disinclination to travel, and government advice

Certain events might mean you no longer want to, or find you can’t, travel to where you had planned. This includes storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and disease outbreaks such as coronavirus. Deciding not to travel because of such events will not usually be covered for cancellation. If the government of where you are travelling to, or our Government, tells you not to travel, you might be covered for cancellation.

Scheduled airline failure

If you aren’t able to travel because your airline has gone bust, some insurance policies will refund your holiday costs. Many policies will offer this benefit as an optional extra.

Emergency medical care

If you’re taken ill abroad, you will usually be taken to hospital by ambulance. Insurers often want to make sure you are treated in a state hospital rather than a private one. You should try to contact your insurer as soon as possible if you are taken to hospital.


If you are taken ill, or something else happens that makes you want to come home early, your insurer might pay for this, but you must contact them first before curtailing your holiday.

Baggage and personal belongings

Passengers are usually much better off protecting their belongings under their home insurance policy, by taking cover for “personal belongings away from the home”. If an airline loses your luggage, it will be responsible for compensating you. If your bags are delayed and you want to claim for buying clothes and toiletries until they turn up, you must get a written report from the airline stating what happened and the length of the delay.

If your belongings are lost or stolen you must report this to local police and get a copy of the police report, which states what was taken and gives details of the circumstances.

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