How to get cheaper car insurance for electric vehicles

Despite the bigger bill, there are ways you could lower car insurance costs for your electric vehicle.

Opt for a higher excess. Since EVs tend to break down far less often, opting for a higher excess could reduce your car insurance premiums. Just be aware that when claim time does come around, you’ll have to pay more out of pocket.
Shop around. Comparing car insurance quotes seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many customers buy the first policy they read. Head over to our car insurance comparison hub to get started.
Drive safely. If you can prove you’re a reliable driver, car insurance providers will often offer a “no claims discount” to reward your safe driving.

Bundle your insurance coverage. Taking out multiple policies from the same provider, such as car and home insurance, could net you good savings.
Drive less. EVs particularly suit city drivers who may only need to go limited distances. This reduces the amount of time on the road (as well as how often you need to recharge), which reduces your overall risk in the eyes of the provider. Pay-as-you-go car insurance policies often offer special discounts to drivers who only range between 1,000-15,000km per year.
If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to keep car costs down, check out our complete guide to cheap car insurance.

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