Discounts on Car Insurance: How You Can Save Money

Saving money on auto insurance is a top priority for most drivers. The good news is, there are plenty of discounts for car insurance out there. This guide will explain some common auto insurance discounts and how to qualify for them.

Safe driver discounts

Safe driver discounts reward motorists for responsible driving. There are several ways qualified drivers can become eligible for these discounts for car insurance. One option is to show a record of responsible behavior. Another is to use an app that monitors driving.

Accident-free driving

Most insurers reduce car insurance rates for drivers who avoid accidents for a period of time.

Geico insurance discounts are one example. Geico allows qualified drivers to save up to 22% if they are accident free for five or more years And it’s sometimes possible to qualify for accident-free discounts after just three years.

Discounts for monitored driving habits

A growing number of insurers offer discounts to motorists who agree to have their driving behavior monitored. For example, Progressive Insurance discounts include the Snapshot program. Participating Snapshot motorists must download a mobile app or use a plug-in device. Drivers can qualify for lower rates if they:

  • Don’t drive late at night
  • Don’t accelerate or brake hard

Driver training discounts

Drivers who undergo additional training can reduce the cost of premiums. So can motorists who don’t drive often.

Defensive driving discount

Drivers of all ages may be eligible for a defensive driving discount. Motorists must complete a defensive driving course to qualify. Many companies offer these courses, which may need to be approved by the state.

Driver’s education discount

When a younger driver is added to an insurance policy, rates often rise. However, teen drivers can qualify for discounts for car insurance if they complete an approved driver education course.

Driver behavior discounts

The lowest-risk drivers tend to exhibit certain behaviors. Showing a track record of these behaviors can earn drivers certain discounts.

Low-mileage discount

Motorists who don’t drive often can qualify for car insurance discounts. Different insurers set different mileage requirements. Some motorists can self-report their miles. Other insurers require motorists to use an app to monitor how many miles they’ve driven.

Clean record

Drivers with no accidents or seat belt violations may get discount car insurance rates. They will often pay less than the average cost of car insurance because of their history of responsible driving behavior.

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